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There are several basic models based on the single-farm CSA, and countless variations on these. There are also non-CSA methods of direct marketing that might be more appropriate for some communities. It depends upon the characteristics of your community as to which one will suit you better:

CSA & CSA-based models:

Non-CSA direct marketing models:

Characteristics that influence which models pic two
CSA model suits best include:


It is very common for growers to combine different marketing methods, such as supplying a CSA, and selling any excess at Farmer's Markets.

Growers with experience in growing multiple crops using organic methods and who also like interacting with the public would be more suited to establishing a single-farm CSA. Those with less confidence and/or time to devote to the single-farm CSA model would be more likely to join with other growers to form a multi-farm CSA or could be interested in models that are run by a third party such as a community group.