Our thanks go to the many people csa logo
have contributed work to this resource

Rachel Ehrat - (0427 722 665) who has gone beyond the call of duty in her work designing the website
Matthew Price (jamala.matthew@gmail.com) created the online forum
Tony Phelps - Tweezy (tweezy.com.au) created the database and assisted with web building
Letetia Ware - Ayiana Pty (0418 202 290) provided information sheet and advice on
certified organic growing
Jonathan Cooper - consulted on pricing systems and general organic produce retail advice

The following people contributed many hours of their own time:

Tony Phelps - Tweezy (tweezy.com.au) heaps of extra work on the database and site hosting
Frank Gibson - Frank Gibson Direct - frankgibson.com.au editing, sample advertisements
and tips on advertising
Phillip Hirst - phils_framing@y7mail.com - professional photos of vege boxes and produce
Joy Phillips - Channel Living - enormous amount of work on grower resources, produce calendars, business planning and general editing
Phil Wood - Channel Living - sample media release and tips on writing media releases
Amanda Agrawal - Channel Living - produce standards document
Robert Pekin (www.foodconnect.com.au) - information on Food Connect's structure
Mary Walker - Channel Living - chair of steering group
Paul Jones - guidance on bookkeeping matters
David Abbott (University of Tasmania) - editing questionnaires

“Thanks everyone!"

From Toolkit creators:
Zoƫ Magnus (Channel Living) and Robin Krabbe (North-West Environment Centre)